The Theoretical Perspective in Teaching Family Therapy: Discussion of Dr. Grunebaum’s and Dr. Chasin’s Paper

  • Charles A. Malone
Part of the The Downstate Series of Research in Psychiatry and Psychology book series (DSRPP, volume 3)


It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to begin the discussion of Dr. Grunebaum’s and Dr. Chasin’s stimulating if, at times, difficult to follow, paper. While the paper does not focus mainly on curriculum design, or child psychiatry training per se, it clearly articulates a way of conceptualizing family therapy which has many implications for teaching family therapy in relation to child psychiatry training. Since, in the brief time allotted to me, it would be impossible to discuss all, or even most, of the interesting issues raised by this paper, I will confine my comments to several areas which have particular significance for me.


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