Kinetic Effects on Radionuclide Transport of Groundwater

  • Herman S. Levine
Part of the Advances in Nuclear Science & Technology book series (ANST)


A realistic description of the fluid transport of nuclides through complex stratified geomedia is needed to evaluate the risk associated with the underground storage and disposal of radioactive wastes. In the current approach by others to the problem (1–4), groundwater flow is treated separately from contaminant transport since it is assumed that radionuclides would be present only in trace quantities and, therefore, not alter bulk fluid properties. The transient flow of groundwater through porous media is generally understood (1, 5) and descriptions of fluid velocity can be found. Retardation of the movement of a dissolved radionuclide by a porous medium relative to groundwater flow is then approximated by using well established theories of ion exchange separation processes.


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