Radionuclide Sorption Studies on Abyssal Red Clays

  • Kenneth L. Erickson
Part of the Advances in Nuclear Science & Technology book series (ANST)


The equilibria for the sorption of radionuclides by a widely distributed abyssal red clay are being experimentally investigated. An earlier paper (1) summarized a portion of the investigation concerned with sorption of Rb, Cs, Sr, Ba, Ag, Cd, Ce, Pm, Eu and Gd from aqueous 0.68 N NaC1 solutions containing a single nuclide of interest. This paper summarizes more recent work concerned with sorption of Tc, U, Pu, Am or Cm from 0.68 N NaC1 solutions and with determining the clay’s relative sorption selectivities for cesium, barium and cerium.


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  • Kenneth L. Erickson
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  1. 1.Sandia LaboratoriesAlbuquerqueUSA

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