Atomic Displacements and Radiation Damage in Glasses Incorporating HLW

  • M. Antonini
  • P. Camagni
  • F. Lanza
  • A. Manara
Part of the Advances in Nuclear Science & Technology book series (ANST)


Recent data of radiation effects in borosilicate glasses and amorphous SiO2 are presented and discussed in terms of atomic displacements produced by direct nuclear collisions and ionization damage produced by interactions of the bombarding particles with the bonding electrons. It is found that density changes and stored energy can properly be represented as depending on the calculated relative number of displaced atoms. Conversely, the comparison of optical absorption spectra of vitreous SiO2 specimens irradiated by high energy heavy ions and electrons indicates that in some cases it might be of relevance to evaluate the yield of ionization damage, basically related to the total amount of energy dissipated in the glass matrix.


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  • M. Antonini
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  • P. Camagni
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  • F. Lanza
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  • A. Manara
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  1. 1.Joint Research CentreIspra, VareseItaly
  2. 2.Gruppo Nazionale Struttura della Materia and Istituto di Fisica dell’UniversitaModenaItaly

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