Methods For Separating Actinides From Reprocessing And Refabrication Plant Wastes

  • D. W. Tedder
  • B. C. Finney
  • J. O. Blomeke
Part of the Advances in Nuclear Science & Technology book series (ANST)


Chemical processing flowsheets have been developed to partition actinides from all actinide-bearing LWR fuel reprocessing and refabrication plant wastes. These wastes include high-activity-level liquids, scrap recovery liquors, HEPA filters and incinerator ashes, and chemical salt wastes such as sodium carbonate scrub solutions, detergent cleanup streams, and alkaline off-gas scrubber liquors. The separation processes that were adopted for this study are based on solvent extraction, cation exchange chromatography, and leaching with Ce4 +-HNO3 solution.


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  • B. C. Finney
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  • J. O. Blomeke
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