Interactions among LH, FSH, PRL, LH-RH, and Sex Steroids in the Control of Testicular LH, FSH, and PRL Receptors in the Rat

  • P. A. Kelly
  • F. Labrie
  • C. Auclair
  • C. Séguin
  • A. Bélanger
  • M. R. Sairam
Part of the Biochemical Endocrinology book series (BIOEND)


Within the last several years, improved methods to label highly purified polypeptide hormones to a high level of specific activity, with a retention of biological activity, along with advances in subcellular-fractionation techniques have allowed an important increase in our understanding of the mechanisms of action of peptide hormones. Binding of hormones to receptors located in the plasma membrane is the first event in the action of these hormones in their target tissues, and specific receptors for a large number of hormones have been identified (Kahn, 1976).


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  • F. Labrie
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  • C. Auclair
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  • C. Séguin
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  • A. Bélanger
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  • M. R. Sairam
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  1. 1.Department of Molecular EndocrinologyLe Centre Hospitalier de l’Université LavalQuebecCanada
  2. 2.Institut de Recherches CliniquesMontrealCanada

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