Juveniles’ Comprehension of Miranda Warnings

  • Thomas Grisso
Part of the Perspectives in Law & Psychology book series (PILP, volume 3)


Many courts have addressed the question of juveniles’ abilities to understand the Miranda warnings which preceded their waiver of rights and confession. As we noted in foregoing discussions, almost all courts faced with such matters have held steadfastly to the test which requires examination of the “totality of circumstances” in each case, following Gallegos v. Colorado, 370 U.S. 49 (1962) and People v. Lara, 432 P.2d 202 (1967). Even when a court has based a decision on a juvenile’s specific age, IQ score, or other information, it will usually have been careful to cite reliance on the totality test and to admonish that the specific age or IQ in the instant case should not be applied alone as a test in future cases.


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