Comments on the ‘Elements’ of Schizophrenia, Psychotherapy, and the Schizophrenic Person

  • Otto Allen WillJr.


We are concerned in this conference with the process of psychotherapy as it is related to certain patterns of behavior referred to as evidence of a grave psychosis, schizophrenia. These phenomena are common in our society, and appear in one form or another in a variety of cultures. They are generally bothersome to all concerned, and most people who pay any attention to them would like to get rid of them or, at least, get them out of sight. They tend to be embarrassing because they appear as strange imitations, distortions, caricatures, and extravaganzas of humanity, related in some vague, haunting, and painful way to those forms of living which we may wish to cherish as normal, or as “normally idiosyncratic.” In addition, they are costly in terms of the money required to do anything about them—useful or not. We—the citizens—would prefer to invest in something other than the madness which has been with us so long and persists despite our ignorance and knowledge, defying both our loving and our hateful efforts to change or eliminate all of its manifestations. If, by chance, misfortune, or intention, we notice these events, we are likely to feel uncomfortable and put upon without good reason, and yet strangely guilty.


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