A Frequency-Dip Formulation of Wave-Theoretic Migration in Stratified Media

  • Stewart Levin
Part of the Acoustical Imaging book series (ACIM, volume 9)


Techniques employing the explicit recognition of angular dip have been used since the inception of seismic exploration (Rieber, 1936). Traditionally, plane wave or collimated beam steering algorithms for the migration (i.e. imaging and focusing) of reflected seismic energy have been based upon ray-theoretic arguments; we assume that coherent events on a time section are smooth wave front arrivals which can be associated with subsurface reflectors by simple ray tracing. Focused and kinked arrivals, lacking a well-defined normal ray direction, do not satisfy this ray-theoretical model and their treatment becomes undesirably dependent upon the particular “local plane wave” decomposition employed by the algorithm.


Seismic Noise Time Section Stratify Medium Downward Continuation Frequency Domain Approach 
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