A Computerized Data Analysis System for Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization

  • Joie Pierce Jones
  • Roger Kovack
Part of the Acoustical Imaging book series (ACIM, volume 9)


We have implemented a computerized data analysis system for ultrasonic tissue characterization at the University of California Irvine. One important feature of this system is its ability (via a fast analog to digital converter) to record both the phase and the amplitude of A-mode waveforms selected through regions of interest on a conventional B-mode ultrasonogram. The measuring system is well calibrated and characterized so that data obtained by it are essentially independent of the instrumentation used for acquisition. One section of the system, designed specifically for one-dimensional or A-line analysis, is built around PDP 11/40 and PDP 11/60 computers. A parallel section of the system, designed specifically for two-dimensional signal processing and display techniques, is built around an Interdata (Perkin-Elmer) 8/32 computer. This paper will describe our data analysis system and will present some representative results taken on tissue phantoms and on in vivo human liver as well as some typical computer simulations performed by the system.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Joie Pierce Jones
    • 1
  • Roger Kovack
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Radiological SciencesUniversity of California IrvineIrvineUSA

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