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Stress Relaxation of Glass-Bead Filled Glassy Amorphous Polystyrene

  • F. H. J. Maurer


Recently much progress has been made in describing the creep and stress relaxation behaviour of unfilled amorphous polymers in the glassy region with respect to the thermal and mechanical history.1–5 Struik3 demonstrated convincingly that the momentary creep curve exhibits a universal shape over a rather large temperature range below Tg and above T β . In accordance with these results, Booij and Palmen5 proposed a formula for the momentary shear stress relaxation curve. At small strains the curve locations on the time scale are governed only by the thermal history, but at larger stresses and strains also by the mechanical history.


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  • F. H. J. Maurer
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  1. 1.Central LaboratoriesDSMGeleenNetherlands

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