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The Elongational Behaviour of Various Polymer Melts

  • Helmut Münstedt


It has been shown for a low density polyethylene 1,2,3,4 and some polystyrenes 5,6 that the elongational behaviour of their melts is remarkably different from the shear properties in the nonlinear range of deformation. Having a reliable experimental method for measuring the elongational behaviour of polymer melts in hand now5 which uses only a small amount of material, it seems challenging to investigate the influence of the molecular structure on the elongational properties in order to obtain a more thorough understanding of the flow behaviour of polymer melts. From experiments in shear it is well-known how decisively the flow behaviour of a polymer melt is influenced by the molecular weight and the molecular weight distribution.


Molecular Weight Distribution Elongational Viscosity Weight Average Molecular Weight Recoverable Strain High Molecular Weight Component 
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  1. 1.Mess- und PrüflaboratoriumBASF AktiengesellschaftLudwigshafen/RheinGermany

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