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Dilute Solution Properties of Polystyrene, Polymethyl-Methacrylate, and Their Copolymers

  • S. K. Ahuja


The conformational and thermodynamic properties of flexible homopolymers and copolymers can be described by an unperturbed average dimension of a polymer chain, the short range interaction parameter, and an excluded volume effect in a given environment, the long range interaction parameter.1,2 The two independent parameters can be determined from experimental data of the molecular weight effects on the second virial coefficient, the mean square statistical radius, and the intrinsic viscosity of the chain.2,3 An unperturbed average dimension of a copolymer chain (A) is a simple addition of proportional, unperturbed dimensions of constituent homopolymers. An excluded volume parameter (B) of a copolymer has a quadratic dependence on composition with repulsive interaction between the two constituent units.4,5


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  1. 1.Joseph C. Wilson Center for TechnologyXerox CorporationRochesterUSA

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