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Rheological Characterization of Paste-Like Disperse Systems

  • Dimiter Hadjistamov


The paste-like disperse systems, referred to as formulations in this paper, can be characterized according to flow behaviour τ = f(D), as well as to time-related behaviour τ = f(t). The flow curves will be approximated in the logarithmic representation 1g τ = f(lg D) through straight line sections (1). Depending on the graphic shape of the flow curves, four different types of flow behaviour are distinquished: type A — newtonian, type B — structural viscous, type C — pseudoplastic and type D — plastic flow behaviour (see Fig. 1) (1). The four types of flow behaviour can be characterized according to the slope n of the straight line sections.


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  • Dimiter Hadjistamov
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  1. 1.CIBA-GEIGY AGBasleSwitzerland

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