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Topological Aspects of Flow and Deformation in Polymer Composites

  • Gh. Dragan


The development of the introductory notions of topological thermodynamics has allowed the establishing of working principles in the modelling of energy circuits associated to composite systems. The starting point was the expressing of behaviour of crystalline-amorphous coupling in polyethylene in calorimetric systems followed by generalization of relations to thermally driven processes and at present by expressing the behaviour of a generalized measuring system. It is worth recalling the basic principles established so far, i.e.: (i) the composite nature of a system is emphasized by its behaviour as non-equilibrium system within an energy measuring system, and (ii) the transformation processes implied by such a system can be expressed in terms of time variation of energy flux or potential with respect to a temporar reference system.


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  • Gh. Dragan
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  1. 1.Institute of Chemical ResearchIcechim, BucharestRomania

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