Temperature Stress Analysis in Plant Tissue Culture

  • A. A. GoloffJr.
  • R. H. LawrenceJr.
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 14)


A thermogradient plate originally designed and built for temperature studies on seeds has been adapted for use with plant tissue cultures. The plate is capable of being programmed to establish near linear gradients within a range of 1 C - 40 C. In addition a polar switching device permits temperature cycling around a diagonal line of constant temperatures. Among the type of studies suitable for the apparatus are: characterization of temperature responses of specific genotypes; detection and analysis of thermo- sensitive responses; and selection of temperature stress tolerant variant cells/plants.

Results are presented which demonstrate the use of the thermogradient plant in characterizing the morphogenetic response of lettuce tissue culture with respect to temperature.


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  • A. A. GoloffJr.
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  • R. H. LawrenceJr.
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