The Biosaline Concept: An Opportunity for Research and Development

  • Oskar Zaborsky
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 14)


For centuries man has known that the earth is a infinite sphere and that there are physical limitations to its size and resources. However, only in the last few decades have we actually seen our planet and realized the harsh message that, indeed, our earth has only finite resources and that more effective management is essential. At the very same time, the world's population is increased to over four billion, and severe political, social and economic instabilities are prevalent in many parts of the world. Although everyone is aware of the “energy crisis” that has been with us for several years, an equally dramatic crisis exists in a shortage of essential materials — organic raw materials for chemicals, polymers and other industrial commodities. Of course, the “energy crisis” and the “materials crisis” are entwined.


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