Masses of Medium Weight Nuclei by Transfer Reactions

  • R. C. Pardo


In the last decade a large experimental program has been in progress at MSU with the aim of testing the isobaric mass multiplet equation (IMME) first proposed by Wigner.l This relation holds that the masses of the members of an isospin multiplet of mass A and isospin T can be expressed in a simple quadratic form:
$$M(A,{T_z}) = a + b{T_Z} + cT_z^2$$
, where Tz is the isospin projection. There are numerous derivations of this formula in the literature,2,3 which employ perturbation methods to expand the nuclear Hamiltonian. In the above form, the lowest isospin multiplet which can be used to test the IMME is T = 3/2.


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