Mass Measurements of Proton-Rich Nuclei and Exotic Spectroscopy

  • Robert E. Tribble


In this report we review the progress of recent work aimed at extending our knowledge of proton-rich nuclei. The work focuses on Q-value measurements via the (4He, 8He) reaction, a reaction that populates very proton-rich nuclei by the removal of four neutrons from the most neutron-deficient stable targets. The (4He, 8He) reaction has quite negative Q-values (typically -60 MeV) and low cross section (a few nb/sr), necessitating incident beams with both high energy and high intensity. We first review techniques for performing Q-value measurements with reactions of such low cross section. We then discuss the recent results, including new isobaric quintet tests of the isobaric multiplet mass equation (IMME).


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  • Robert E. Tribble
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  1. 1.Cyclotron InstituteTexas A&M UniversityCollege StationUSA

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