Closing Statement on the Field-Oriented Workshop at Sde Boker

  • Zev Naveh
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 18)


The educational work to which we have introduced you here, has been inspired to a great extent by David Ben-Gurion whose name the local university bears. He envisaged the development of the Negev not merely as a quantitative process of population growth and expansion but in a truly ecological way as an integrated process of realization and fulfillment of both natural and human resources and potentials. In this process education should play a most important role. As Ben-Gurion stated “ is in the Negev that man can become conscious of his hidden powers, arousing him to tap them and put them to creative use. I want to see the pioneer spirit inspiring the people of Israel, its scientists and its teachers, above all its teachers, so that they become not simply technical transmitters of information, but men and women of idealism who educate the youth. This, in a word, is the aim of the Sde Boker Midrasha (College) -- to create a center of scientific research and study which will also be a source of moral inspiration, of pioneering, of idealism, of man’s faith in his capacities and of the creative mission of Jewry.”


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