The Education of Secondary School Teachers in Environmental Studies

  • Francis X. Sutman
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 18)


In the United States, and in many other countries, environmental education, ecology, conservation, and other related areas of study are not taught as discrete disciplines or subjects in the sense that chemistry, history, or algebra are taught at the high school level. Instead, environmental studies are components of broader courses like Introductory Biology or General Science. The content of environmental studies cuts across a number of more traditional disciplines, and very often a study of the environment is left for the less able students who cannot handle the abstract theories of the “hard sciences” and mathematics. This is the group that more and more needs to be motivated to remain in school. Because of the above concerns related to the teaching of environmental studies at the high school level, teachers must be prepared differently to handle this area of study. There are a number of special underlying principles that can help institutions develop quality and effective teacher education programs in environmental studies. Some of these principles are also applicable to teacher education programs in other areas for the high school level.


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