Chemical Decontamination of KWU Reactor Installations

  • R. Riess
  • H. O. Bertholdt


KWU has developed decontamination methods for both PWRs and BWRs. These methods can be applied either for single components or complete primary heat transport systems (PHT). They were developed giving consideration to the different materials and operating conditions of the systems to be decontaminated. The available KWU methods are:
  • Two-step process: This method is a modified APAC process which is chiefly applied for high-alloyed materials. It was used several times in the field.

  • One-step process: This method is used for isolated systems or components of low-alloyed materials. An application is scheduled for the main steam line of a BWR.

  • One-step process for total PHT systems: This procedure can be applied to both PWRs and BWRs. The laboratory development has been completed.

The above processes demonstrate that KWU can meet a wide range of decontamination needs.


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  • H. O. Bertholdt
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