Optimization of Costs Versus Radiation Exposures in Decommissioning

  • G. J. Konzek


When considering decommissioning activities, it is desirable to achieve a balance between the cost of doing the work and the cost of minimizing the radiation dose to the workers. Ideally, one would like to minimize both of these costs, but, unfortunately, the conditions for achieving these minima rarely coincide in practice. One must make trade-offs to hold both costs and radiation doses to reasonable limits. In this paper I will discuss the opportunities available during a reference light water reactor’s (LWR) lifetime to optimize its eventual decomissioning. I will present an optimization methodology that could easily be applied to other decommissioning projects, regardless of size. For each specific phase of the reactor’s life cycle, different considerations and alternatives are used to formulate an empirical methodology to optimize costs and reduce occupational radiation exposure. This methodology, when fully developed, could be used as the data base for the Master Decommissioning Plan (MDP) of the power plant, which ultimately will guide the actual decommissioning.


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