Demolition of Concrete Structures by Heat--a Preliminary Study

  • John M. McFarland


This paper discusses the possibility of using heat to demolish or dismantle concrete structures. I will approach the subject in this manner:
  • Define the problem and tell why demolition by heat should be considered.

  • Provide technical background data about concrete and steel and their interactions when heated, together with a calculation of the amount of heat required for a PWR containment structure.

  • Tell how this technical data can apply to demolition of a nuclear reactor containment structure.

  • Summarize practical applications and recommend further action.


Concrete Structure Calcium Hydroxide Pressurize Water Reactor Radiation Heat Loss Reactor Containment 
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  • John M. McFarland
    • 1
  1. 1.McFarland Wrecking CorporationSeattleUSA

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