U. S. Licensed Reactor Decommissioning Experience

  • Peter B. Erickson


To date, 64 reactors licensed under 10 CFR Part 50 have been decommissioned. In addition, four demonstration nuclear power plants have been decommissioned. These demonstration plants were government owned but operated by utilities under special government authorization. The 64 licensed reactors consist of five power reactors, six test reactors, one nuclear ship and 52 research reactors and critical facilities. Of the decommissioned research reactors and critical facilities, 42 have been dismantled and the remaining ten are either in the process of being dismantled or plans for early dismantlement are being developed. Tables I through V list each decommissioned reactor, the reactor type, the power level, the location and date the license was terminated or the present status if a license is still in effect.


Research Reactor Safe Storage Critical Facility Zirconium Hydride Pool Type 
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