Low-Level Radioactive Waste from Rare Metals Processing Facilities

  • Jeanette Eng
  • Donald W. Hendricks
  • Paul A. Giardina
  • Joyce Feldman


The federal government has recognized that companies which process thorium and uranium ores require regulatory controls in order to protect man and the environment from unnecessary radiation. The recent passage in November, 1978 of the Uranium Mill Tailings Bill (H.R. 13650) demonstrates the government’s recognition that the front-end of the uranium fuel cycle, i.e., mining and milling of uranium, had been neglected. The bill defines procedures for a remedial action program at inactive mill sites and regulations for active mill sites.


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  • Jeanette Eng
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  • Donald W. Hendricks
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  • Paul A. Giardina
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  • Joyce Feldman
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