In Situ Light Scattering Techniques for Determining Aerosol Size Distributions and Optical Constants

  • Gerald W. Grams


Our Atmospheric Optics Group at Georgia Tech has initiated a research program to improve existing instrumentation and data analysis techniques for obtaining in situ data on size distributions and optical properties of airborne particles. This work is based on the use of laser polar nephelometers to measure scattering phase functions for aerosols of known size, shape, and composition to provide input data for testing the validity of a variety of techniques for calculating scattering by non-spherical particles.


Aerosol Particle Scanning Electron Microscope Photograph Georgia Tech Aerosol Size Distribution Scatter Phase Function 
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  • Gerald W. Grams
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  1. 1.Georgia Institute of TechnologySchool of Geophysical SciencesAtlantaUSA

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