The Child Victim

  • Renee S. Tankenoff Brant


The sexual abuse of children includes many different kinds of behavior. One study has shown that only one-third of the reported cases involved rape or incest and that two-thirds involved molestation, which is defined as noncoital sexual contact (Sgroi, 1975). A sexual assault is nonconsensual manual, oral, or genital contact by the offender with the genitalia of the victim. Incest is coital contact between a blood relative and a child. Rape is defined, state by state, in the same way that it is for adult victims, but statutory rape is a special category of offense in which the law considers rape to have occurred, even though the victim may have consented, because the victim was younger than a legally defined “age of consent” (Breen, Greenwald, & Gregory, 1972).


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