Food Additives and Behavior

The Evidence
  • C. Keith Conners


It would be easy for a casual reader to fasten on one or another of the several studies we have reported here and come to quite opposite opinions from those of another reader who is more impressed with a different facet of the evidence. In our first study, we compared children who were following the Feingold diet with children on a pseudodiet and found that greater improvement was seen in the children while on the Feingold diet. Score one for Dr. Feingold. A closer reading, however, shows some discomforting qualifications: the effect only occurred for the teachers, not the parents; the effect occurred more for the children when they had the Feingold diet following the control diet; parents may not have been blind to the treatment; the effect was clearly present in only 2–4 of the 15 children, depending on what level of improvement one selects. Score one for the opposition.


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