The Temperature and pH Problem

  • William R. Nes
  • W. David Nes
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Since there is reason to believe that the core of the earth is currently hot and that genesis of the earth itself from “dust” might have generated heat, the primitive surface of our planet is sometimes also thought to have been hot. Whether or not it actually was is another matter, about which geologists do not agree today. The origin of both our planet and the other planets is much more speculative than frequently supposed, and the complexity of the problem has been dramatically emphasized by very recent studies of Mars and Venus. However, on the supposition that the surface was hot, some investigators have regarded thermophilic bacteria as a likely kind of organism to first have arisen on the earth.


Eukaryotic Alga Glycerol Ether Common Fatty Acid Methylococcus Capsulatus Geranyl Pyrophosphate 
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