Mononuclear Cells IgG Associated with Human Malignant Tissue

  • O. Tønder
  • R. Matre
  • F. Wesenberg
Part of the Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology book series (CTI, volume 10)


Surface receptors have become important as markers for the characterization and classification of mononuclear cells. Most attention has been focused on the receptors for sheep erythrocytes (E receptors), complement (C receptors), and the Fc region of the immunoglobulin molecule (Fc receptors). Rosette techniques are convenient for the detection of these receptors on cells in suspension. By applying the technique of hemadsorption to tissue sections, it is also possible to use the receptors as markers in studies of the topographic distribution of mononuclear cells in normal lymphoid organs, as well as in the characterization of neoplastic and inflammatory mononuclear cell infiltrates (Shevach et al., 1973; Jaffe et al., 1975; Stingl et al., 1977; Berard et al., 1978; Bjerke et al., 1978).


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  • F. Wesenberg
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