Daughters and Lovers

Reflections on the Life Cycle of Daughter-Father Relationships
  • Rudolf Ekstein
Part of the Women in Context book series (WICO)


Although the current psychodynamic understanding of personality development was founded on the child’s perception of the father, his protection and his power, the father himself was presented in static terms. He was there, and the child responded, projected, mis-perceived, incorporated, and wove a sequence of age-appropriate fantasies around its reactions. The mother, however, as her primary role was discovered, was conceptualized in much more dynamic terms: not only was she there and subject to the infant’s psychical uses, but she was “schizophrenogenic,” “binding,” “seductive,” “inadequate,” “overprotective,” “abandoning,” “cold,” or, at best, “good enough.” The dynamic interaction with fathers has yet to be codified. This chapter and the next are presentations by two fathers, a child psychoanalyst and a child psychiatrist, who describe and reflect their personal and professional experiences with the fathering of daughters.


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