Residual Daytime Effects of Hypnotics

  • Wallace B. Mendelson


Among the prices we pay for taking hypnotics is decreased performance on cognitive and motor tasks long after the clinical hypnotic effect has ceased. This problem is compounded by observations that in some cases the patient may be unaware of drug-induced impairment. The background waking EEG and the auditory EEG evoked response may also be altered for many hours on the day following hypnotic administration. Although the significance of these electrophysiologic changes is unclear, they do suggest at least that hypnotics alter normal physiology for prolonged periods, and they are perhaps the most sensitive available measures of residual effects. This section will describe these residual effects of hypnotics on electrophysiology and psychomotor performance, with emphasis on effects which occur at least 8 hr after nocturnal drug administration.


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