The Electron-Phonon Interaction in Semiconductors

Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 52)


The interaction between electrons and lattice vibrations is one of the fundamental interaction processes in solids. In this lecture, we wish to examine this interaction in semiconductors. Although the methods we are going to develop are general enough to be applicable to all classes of semiconductors and insulators, the analysis is most transparent and probably also most useful if we confine our concern to the technologically important class of semiconductors, i.e. group IV, III–V, and II–VI materials. With the exception of some of the II–VI’s, these can be grown with high purity, can easily be doped and have high mobility — all the properties desirable for device applications.


Acoustic Phonon Acoustic Mode Adiabatic Approximation Deformation Potential Bloch Function 


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