The First Year After Treatment: Factors Affecting Time Course Of Reversibility Of Memory and Learning Deficits in Alcoholism

  • Anne Guthrie
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 126)


Ninety-two alcoholics admitted to the Tayside Area Alcoholism Unit in East Scotland were examined on four tests of memory and learning two weeks after cessation of drinking. Sixty-two were re-examined at four weeks, forty-one at eight weeks, thirty-five at six months and thirty-two at one year after initial abstinence, although some resumed drinking. There was a significant improvement in testing results over the year following treatment, greatest in the period from four to twenty-six weeks. Improvement was most marked in the patients who remained abstinent or almost abstinent and in those not malnourished at admission.


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  • Anne Guthrie
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  1. 1.Tayside Area Alcoholism UnitSunnyside Royal Hospital MontroseScotland

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