Fish Tumor Pathology and Aromatic Hydrocarbon Pollution in a Great Lakes Estuary

  • John J. Black
  • Margaret Holmes
  • Paul P. Dymerski
  • William F. Zapisek
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 16)


The relationship between polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contamination of the aquatic environment and its potential as a persistent health hazard for the associated biota has been the subject of recent research in this laboratory and others (Payne et al, 1978; Dunn and Stich, 1976). We report here studies of a waterway contaminated with industrial organic compounds, including PAH; these studies present evidence that the pollution is mutagenic and has a point source. In addition, there is a high incidence of fish tumor pathology in the immediate outflow area.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • John J. Black
    • 1
  • Margaret Holmes
    • 1
  • Paul P. Dymerski
    • 2
  • William F. Zapisek
    • 3
  1. 1.Roswell Park Memorial InstituteBuffaloUSA
  2. 2.Division of Laboratories and ResearchNew York State Department of HealthAlbanyUSA
  3. 3.Department of ChemistryCanisius CollegeBuffaloUSA

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