Adaptation of a Time Tested Treatment Modality for Alcoholism to a Hearing Impaired Population

  • Hank Berman


The last few years have seen an upsurge in attempts to provide various services to handicapped individuals. In the area of mental health, professionals have been taking a closer look at the special needs of the disabled. In examining the mental health needs of the hearing impaired, many unique and difficult issues arise, especially with regard to the crucial factors related to communication. Therapy, for example, will have a greater chance of success when there is full communication and a common understanding of the nature of the “enterprise”. This is especially true in the case of alcoholism, in which an appreciation of the existence of the problem is considered by most a prerequisite for effective therapeutic intervention. This paper will examine problems faced in the establishment of an Alcoholics Anonymous group for the hearing impaired as well as efforts made to overcome these problems.


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