The Effectiveness of Two Therapeutic Techniques in the Treatment of Drug Abuse Patients

  • Bernard G. Rosenthal


Previous studies (Gorsuch, Butler and Sells, 1975) of drug abuse treatment programs have shown that methadone maintenance programs are the most effective of all outpatient programs, and, of the for­mer, change-oriented approaches in contrast to adaptive approaches are better, if only slightly so.


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  1. Gorsuch, R.L., Butler, M.D. and Sells, S.B. 1975. Evaluation of treatment in DARF Cohort 3 based on behavioral outcomes during treatment. IBR Report No. 75–17. Institute of Behavoiral Research, Texas Christian University.Google Scholar

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  • Bernard G. Rosenthal
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  1. 1.Evanston Comprehensive Drug Treatment Program, Inc.USA

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