Economical Evaluation: A Training Workshop for Practical Psychological Testing of Drug Abuse Clients

  • Victor I. Friesen


This paper will concentrate on the practical aspects of evaluation in drug/alcohol abuse programs. It will outline the major areas of evaluation which, although not mutually exclusive, pragmatically have little overlap in terms of testing. Specific test recommendations will be made for each area. These tests have been found to tap into the four areas with maximum efficiency, according to my experience and readings in this area. A discussion of overall use of tests follows, which includes some allusion to a somewhat different perspective on the field of testing when results are to be used for placement and not just diagnostic purposes. Finally, an open-ended report form is presented which can be adapted to any test utilized, in evaluation, either singly or as part of a battery.


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  • Victor I. Friesen
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  1. 1.Philadelphia Psychiatric Center Drug Treatment ProgramWurzel ClinicUSA

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