Psychiatric Illness with Concomitant Drug Abuse

  • Sondra K. Stickney
  • Richard C. W. Hall
  • Earl R. Gardner


The correlation between drug abuse and intrapsychic problems is not a new issue as can be substantiated by the number of specialty units designated for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. The psychiatric literature emphasizes specialization theories regarding drug abuse as a specific form of mental illness. A review of current literature reveals a preponderance of articles dealing with specific psychiatric symptomatology caused by the use of particular substances. Few articles examine the prevalance of substance abuse in psychiatric patients carrying unrelated diagnoses. Those studies which have been done indicate a wide range of prevalence figures for drug abuse, 31%–78%, in selected psychiatric populations (Butzer and Cline, 1974; Fisher et al, 1975; Westermeyer and Walzer, 1975; Blumbert et al, 1971; Hall et al, in press; Cohen and Cline, 1970; Whitlock et al, 1967). The majority of these studies have focused on the young, ages 15–25, rather than considering the psychiatric population as a whole.


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  • Sondra K. Stickney
  • Richard C. W. Hall
  • Earl R. Gardner

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