Antagonism of Cocaine Highs by Lithium

  • Alvin J. Cronson
  • Abraham Flemenbaum


According to Jefferson and Greist (1977), the interest on the beneficial effects of lithium for amphetamine abuse was aroused by a report by Flemenbaum (1974) on two patients who spontaneously stopped abusing amphetamines because they no longer experienced the expected high while taking lithium. A third patient receiving lithium for weight reduction did not experience appetite suppression or highs of the subjective effects until lithium was discontinued. Flemenbaum’s concept was further supported by a placebo-control double blind study of nine severely depressed patients in whom lithium treatment resulted in a 60% reduction in the activation and euphoria responses to d-amphetamine and almost complete abolition of response to l-amphetamine (Van Kamen and Murphy, 1975).


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  • Alvin J. Cronson
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  • Abraham Flemenbaum
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