Myths and Stereotypes of the Sexual Minority Woman

  • Rosemary Madl


Women as a group have been allowed to express affection in a fairly open manner. The kissing on the cheek, hugging and walking arm and arm are seen in a “sisterly” way by the American culture. All is acceptable as long as the demonstration does not go beyond the boundaries that have been subtly and at times overtly imposed over the centuries. The writer’s goal in speaking about the Lesbian Woman is to allow a discussion of the myths and stereotypes that have been imposed without the need to judge the “rightness” of the process. The writer will state that she has the belief that the lesbian woman has the innate right to choose whom she wishes to establish an intimate relationship with and that this decision rests on her and the person with whom she is sharing a relationship. The writer does not see homosexuality as a mental disorder in need of curing, as a perversion or a “lack of” in relation to the heterosexually oriented persons in our society. Due to the choice made by the woman to be with another woman in an intimate relationship, the lesbian woman has special needs that differ from the heterosexually oriented woman. These needs tend to be both emotional and legal. These will be explored and qualified as the discussion continues.


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