How Ocular Dominance Stripes May Be Formed

  • N. V. Swindale
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 27)


On the basis of a computer simulation, I propose that two rules are sufficient to account for the formation of ocular dominance stripes in monkey striate cortex, assuming an initial random intermixing of left- and right-eye terminals: (1) if synapses of one eye type predominate locally around a point in the cortex (i.e., within a distance of about 200 μm) those synapses will increase in number at that point, at the expense of synapses of the other type; however, (2) this increase will be reduced or reversed if, within a surrounding annular region 200–600 μm distant, synapses of the same type predominate. This leads to a segregation of inputs into a stable pattern of non-overlapping stripes, which branch and intersect the boundaries of the modeled region at right angles.


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