The Impact of Social Environmental Factors on Fertility Behavior in Turkey and in the United States and its Implications for Crowding

  • Ipek Soykan Gürkaynak
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 10)


After a general introduction to social psychological, cultural and immediate environmental factors affecting fertility, a research project designed to demonstrate the influence of the immediate environment on American and Turkish women’s desire to use contraceptive devices and commitment to limiting family size is reported.

Both cross-cultural and intra-cultural results showed that because of the actual/ perceived closeness of parents and the availability of hired child-care help there exists a help-support culture in Turkey which influences fertility behavior in the direction of more children, fewer acceptable birth control methods and more good reasons to have a large family. Effects of women’s employment in Turkey are also discussed.


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  • Ipek Soykan Gürkaynak
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