Physical-Organic Photo-chemistry. III. Photooxidations

  • David Phillips
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We are concerned here with the reactions of electronically excited states with oxygen, and those of electronically excited states of oxygen with substrates. Figure 1 shows the electronic energy levels of the three lowest states of molecular oxygen along with those of other molecules of interest, and Figure 2 the distribution of electrons in the πg*(2p) antibonding orbitals in the three states. The \(^3 \sum {_g ^ - } \) ground state is radical in character, whereas the \(^1 \Delta _g \) state, some 22.5 k cal mol−1 above the ground state, can be considered to be a dienophile because of the vacant πg orbital. \(0_2 \left( {^1 \Delta _g } \right)\) is reactive, and has a typical solution phase lifetime of 10−4–10−6 s. The second excited singlet state \(\left( {^1 \sum _g ^ + } \right)\), 37.5 k cal mol−1 above \(^3 \sum _g ^ - \) does not have the vacant orbital as does the \(^1 \Delta _g \) state, and thus cannot participate in two-electron processes. In any case, the solution phase lifetime of O2 \(\left( {^1 \sum _g ^ + } \right)\) is ~ 10−8 s, the species usually decaying to O2 \(\left( {^1 \Delta _g } \right)\), and thus it is the chemistry of this species which tends to dominate in photooxidations.


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