Terminating the Trance

  • Don E. Gibbons


Since most people find a trance experience quite pleasant, an occasional subject may take an extra moment or two to open his eyes at the conclusion of a trance session, much in the manner of a sleeper who does not immediately wish to interrupt his pleasant reverie. Since these subjects will usually show some outward signs of responding to the suggestions to terminate the session, such as a twitching of their eyelids, specific suggestions to accelerate these tendencies may be given as a means of facilitating the return to an everyday mental set: “Your eyelids are beginning to twitch now, as you continue to return from the trance, and soon your eyes will be completely open.” This is usually sufficient to bring about eye opening within a matter of a few seconds. If the subject still does not open his eyes, the suggestor may continue: “All right, you can take a little bit longer if you wish, and soon your eyes will be ready to open. Now your eyes are just about ready to open, and any second now they will be open, almost ready, any second now.”


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