Guided Fantasy Techniques

  • Don E. Gibbons


When we are asleep and dreaming, there is a tendency to experience the events occurring in our dreams as if they were actually happening. Pleasant dreams may cause us to smile, and even to laugh aloud at times, while nightmares may cause us to awaken fearful and apprehensive. It is generally not until after we awaken that we realize that the “events” which we have just lived through have all been figments of our imagination. Similarly, suggested alterations in conscious awareness may also enhance the tendency to experience imagined events as if they were actually taking place. If a sufficiently suggestible subject is administered an induction and then told that he is Enrico Caruso, and that he is about to sing some lines from a famous opera, his subsequent efforts may sound to us like the baying of a lonely coyote; but to him, they are the work of the master artist he temporarily believes himself to be.


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