How Basic Studies of Insects Have Helped Man

  • Carroll M. Williams


The Bugs Are Coming” exclaims the banner headline of a recent cover story in Time magazine. In the article itself we learn how the human race is presently losing ground in its age-old battle with the insects. The scenario involves two intractable difficulties. The first is that conventional chemical pesticides which are being used throughout the world on an ever-increasing scale are too broad in their effects. They are toxic not only to the pests at which they are aimed but also to other animals. Moreover, by persisting in the environment, and sometimes even increasing in concentration as they are passed along the food chain, they present a hazard to other organisms including man. The second difficulty is that insects have shown a remarkable ability to evolve a resistance to conventional chemical pesticides. For this reason the conventional pesticides—our first line of defense against insect pests and vectors of disease—are losing much of their former effectiveness.


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