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Erich von Däniken, more pointedly than other authors, invites scientists to respond to his ideas. In The Gold of the Gods, he states (p. 84):

I want to stimulate thought with my theories. No more, but no less. . . . I leave it to the scientific world to answer me.

Most of those in the scientific world have not answered him. A few have, but most of these responses are brief comments in magazines and scientific journals. A very detailed response was published in 1976: The Space-Gods Revealed, by Ronald Story. Ironically, Story is not a scientist. Nonetheless, his book is an admirable piece of thoughtful research. In this book, Thor Heyerdahl, at Story’s invitation, comments (p. 46):

. . . no scientist takes people like von Däniken seriously, and none of them cares to climb down from the academic pedestal to start discussing sheer nonsense merely to enlighten the man in the street.

Regrettably, what Heyerdahl says is true, and von Däniken’s challenge largely falls on deaf scientific ears.


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