Collective Properties of Nuclear States in the A∼ 150 Transitional Region and the Interacting Boson Model

  • Ziemowid Sujkowski
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A consistent description of collective properties of nuclei having no distinct geometrical symmetries is an obvious challenge to any nuclear model. One of the attractive features of the Interacting Boson Model 1, 2 is that it attempts to do just that in a relatively simple and physically transparent way. It is thus of general interest to test this description by carrying out numerical calculations for a number of observables for e.g. a set of isotopes spanning the “vibrational” — to — “rotational” transition region. In the terms of the IBA the calculations correspond to solving a simplified Hamiltonian chosen for intermediate situations between the vibrational, SU /5/, and rotational, SU /3/, limiting cases. Partial results of such an analysis for the samarium isotopes have been presented in this talk and compared with the experimental data. Since the time of the Erice conference, however, a much more complete analysis of these nuclei has been published 3. Properties such as the energy spectra, electromagnetic transition strengths, multipole moments and nuclear radii have been calculated with several simplifying assumptions, and with the aim to reproduce the trends in the data rather than the detail structures in each of the nuclei studied. Rather than repeating here the results of this or of similar analyses, the reader is referred to ref. 3.


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  • Ziemowid Sujkowski
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  1. 1.Department of Physics /IA/Institute for Nuclear ResearchSwierk near WarsawPoland

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